Master of Science (Sustainable Urban Design)

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The Master of Science (Sustainable Urban Design)v6.5_Page_2Master of Science (Sustainable Urban Design) is the only industrial-focused master-by-coursework program in the discipline in Malaysia. The program is designed to be multi-disciplinary in nature where it assimilates the diverse areas of sustainable development and urban design. An overseas study trip become a compulsory component to expose students to the global concern of sustainable development. This trip will give an international flavor to the program where students can also engage with their international counterparts with the cooperation of other international university partners.

Apart from having in-house experts in urban design, the teaching staffs also include in house experts from related disciplines, experts and professionals in the industry who will bring the real world issues relating to sustainable urban design into the class rooms. The multi-disciplinary nature of the program is designed to attract as many prospective students from various related disciplines.