Master of Science (Sustainable Infrastructure)

by | Dec 10, 2015


Master of Science (Sustainable Infrastructure) or in short, MSSI, is a programme that offers substantial knowledge for graduate and professional in engineering, science and technology background as well as opportunities for further updating and enhancing current knowledge in sustainable infrastructure. This programme is an application and industrial-driven, where participants can directly add value to their employers and industry in general via the lectures delivered by experienced industrial speakers in the area of sustainable infrastructure throughout the modules. MSSI is implemented in modular mode, whereby modules are taken sequentially instead of concurrently as in the traditional master programme implementation. A total of 46 credits is required for graduation, comprising 12 taught modules of 3 credits each and a master project worth 10 credits. The duration of study is 1½ years for full-time and 2 years for part-time study. This programme aims to prepare professionals in the engineering, science and technology-based organizations working for transition into senior executive positions or senior engineering (or other professional) management roles towards the preparation of life-long learning.