4th International Conference on Smart Sensors and Application

Digitalization for Societal Well-Being
26-28th July 2022
Kuala Lumpur

Industrial Speaker

Ts. Meor Tawfik Amirrudin


• Ts. Meor Tawfik received the Bachelor of Engineering Majoring in Electrical and Electronics from UTM in 2000.
• To date, he has almost 22 years of experience in the upstream & downstream of oil & gas industry.
• Throughout his career, he has been appointed as Director of a few oil & gas companies and evolved towards building leadership and managerial skills.
• Currently, he is the Founder & CEO of a Bumiputera Company called Ventura IOT.
• Ventura IOT is the South East Asia partner for FOTECH Group Ltd, a BP company.
• Ventura IOT has been awarded a 5 years contract with Petronas for Fibre Optic Sensing and has completed projects for pipeline leak and intrusion detection using Fibre Optic Sensing in South East Asia.

Digital Transformation for Linear Asset Operation
Synopsis of Presentation:

Digital transformation allows the industrial key player to manage and protect the asset maintenance process in a much more efficient way.
Based on the transformation, we are able to monitor assets, detect, identify, capture and analyze real-time data.
The transformation combines photonics and technical expertise to deliver fiber-enabled solutions that assist clients to make decisions.
The solution provided can be applied to the railway industry, pipelines in the oil & gas industry, utility and telecommunication industry.