Master of Science (Systems Engineering)

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Master of Science (Systems Engineering)_Page_2Requirements for systems engineering arising from the existence of a more complex project or system in which an interdisciplinary approach is required, especially between manufacturing engineering and electrical engineering for the realization of a successful system. This program focuses on the needs of manufacturing industries where knowledge in the interdisciplinary fields is needed. In order to achieve that, the program offers five sub-disciplines which are power systems, industrial systems, intelligence systems, communication systems and electronic systems. The core courses are focusing to systems engineering, management, analysis and optimization of systems, data analysis, software and entrepreneurial skills. The program provides graduates who understand the needs of consumers, functional requirements on the development stage, documentation requirements, and next, the design synthesis and system validation. Students of this program will be exposed to a variety of specialized courses in order to provide students with the knowledge and skills to improve their skills in their careers. In addition, they also have the opportunity to continue their education to a higher level.