About SUDLiC

The 3rd International Conference of Sustainable Urban Design for Liveable Cities aims to provide a platform for researchers who have been processing the pandemic through their work, to come together and discuss the impact of Covid-19 on our cities. Held fully online, it serves as the opening of a 2-event conference organised together with Technology University of Delft. The event organised virtually at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia on 4th and 5th August 2021 will focus more on the urban spatial response towards Covid-19, while the event in Delft held in the Spring of 2022 focuses more on the urban digital response towards the pandemic. Together, both events address the spatial and digital aspects of the public sphere, globally negotiated every day before the pandemic, but have become more complex and urgent because of Covid-19.
We welcome articles that examine, discuss, provoke, or propose solutions to urban life during the time of pandemic. Going beyond disciplinary boundaries, we also accept articles from disciplines other than the built environment, provided that they deal with the pandemic and the urban condition and written in a more discursive rather than technical approach.