DAY 1: 20 August 2022 (Saturday)

Session 1

Time: 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm

Session Chair: Dr. Rozaimi Che Hasan

Assistant Chair: Dr. Noor Hafizah Hassan


  12.00 pm Nor Azlin Mohd Zaki, Abd Rahman Abdul Rahim, and Fakhruldin Mohd Hashim Commercialization Framework for Research Institutions in Malaysia             
  12.20 pm Ebrahim Mubarak Shml and Siti Armiza Aris Covid-19 Tracing Application Security Enhancement Guideline for Users in Riyadh
  12.40 pm Jerrize Izah Jamalludin, Asymal Wajdi Muhd Akhir @ Mokhtar, Sa’ardin Abdul Aziz, and Shamsul Sarip Work-Based Learning to Improve TVET MARA Employability               
  1.00 pm Lunch break

DAY 1: 20 August 2022 (Saturday)

Session 2

Time: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roslina Mohammad

Assistant Chair: Dr. Siti Haida Ismail

  2.00 pm Tay Yung Yaw and Siti Armiza Mohd Aris A Mini Review of Wheel Defects Detection in Mass Rapid Transit                  
  2.20 pm Mohd Hasrat Sabiran, Nik Nadzirah Nik Mohamed, and Nelidya Md.Yusoff Factors Influencing Stock Market Participation Intentions among Millennial Naval Officers of the Royal Malaysian Navy                    
  2.40 pm Misato Tanaka The Moderating Effect of Gender Diversity on Communication through Hoshin Management           
  3.00 pm Penny Goh Pei Nei, Siti Uzairiah Mohd Tobi, and Tuti Haryati Jasimin Introduction of Automated Valuation Model in the Valuation Process               
  3.20 pm Rosliza Abd Manaf and Noor Hafizah Hassan A Proposed Threat Assessment Model for IoT Smart Home                
  3.40 pm Arvinthan Venugopal, Roslina Mohammad, and Md Fuad Shah Koslan Fatigue Analysis of Crack Growth on Sukhoi Su-30MKM Horizontal Stabilizer Lug                 
  4.00 pm Yuma Inoue Effectiveness of Innovation by successors in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises  
  4.20 pm Nur Amirah Syahirah Azman and Faizir Ramlie Analysing the Project Delay Causes and Improving Quality using Multi-Project Strategies  
  4.40 pm End of Day 1



DAY 2: 21 August 2022 (Sunday)

Session 3

Time: 9.00 am – 12.20 pm

Session Chair: Dr. Faizir Ramlie

Assistant Chair: Dr. Nurul Aini Bani

  9.00 am Suriya Narhayhanen Rama Naidu and Shreeshivadasan Chelliapan Influence of Sewerage Treatment Plant Effluent Loading to River Basin during Movement Control Order
  9.20 am Yuri Fukaya The Mediating Effect of Learning on the Relation Between Belief System and Job Improvement Behaviour        
  9.40 am Habibah Norehan Haron and Seng Yieng Tiang A Modest Review using Stackable Credentials for Entrepreneurial Skills in Business Diploma Programme      
  10.00 am Siti Sayidatul Durrah Khazalle and Kim Soyeon Strategic Management for Emotional Health of Field Workforce in Physical Infrastructure Maintenance During the Covid-19 Pandemic                  
  10.20 am Roslee Rohani and Faizir Ramlie Identifying Accident Factors in Developing a systematic Guideline on Occupational Safety and Health Management                 
  10.40 am Nur Liyana Shafie and Roslina Mohammad Obstacle on Hazard and Operability During Simultaneous Production and Drilling at Oil and Gas Platform                
  11.00 am Nor Madihah Selamat, Sahnius Usman, Nor Fasihah Selamat, and Mohd Azri Mohd Izhar New First Level Resolution by Employing Robotic Process Automation                 
  11.20 am Abdul Razif Abdul Karim and Roslina Mohammad Solar Energy: A Review of Sensitivity Analysis               
  11.40 am Alysa Nur Sazaly, Mohd Farid Mohd Ariff, and Ahmad Firdaus Razali Application of Micro UAV for Forensic Photogrammetry                      
  12.00 pm Lyu Shasha and Roslina Mohammad A New Maritime Life-saving Stretcher Design
  12.20 pm Lunch break


DAY 2: 21 August 2022 (Sunday)

Session 4

Time: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Session Chair:  Dr. Noorlizawati Abd. Rahim

Assisstant Chair : Dr. Siti Hasliah Salleh

                       TIME AUTHOR(S) PAPER TITLE
               2.00 pm Houyi Wang, Maisarah Mohamed Saat, and Lijie Wang The Effect of Media Attention on Earnings Management in China —Based on the Moderating Effect of Internal Control
               2.20 pm Miyabi Nashiba and Runa Tsushima The Moderating Effect of Team Psychological Safety on The Relation between MCS and Kaizen Activities                      
               2.40 pm Mohamed Ibrahim Osman Abedelgadir and Roslina Mohammad An Integrated Operational Excellence and Performance Measurement Tool for Organization Self-Assessment                      
               3.00 pm Asymal Wajdi Mokhtar, Jerrize Izah Jamalludin, and Shamsul Sarip Need Analysis of TVET Excellence Centre with Industrial-based Recognition Factors for Electrical Diploma Courses at TVETMARA Institutions      
               3.20 pm Soon Fong Piew and Shamsul Sarip Business Sustainability Conceptual Framework for Construction Company                    
               3.40 pm Lau Jit Sung, Zulkepli Majid, Mohd Farid Mohd Ariff, Ahmad Firdaus Razali, Razak Wong Chen Keng, Mohammad Ariff Wook, and Mohamad Ikhwan Idris Evaluating Handheld Laser Scanner for Crime Scene Analysis            
               4.00 pm Runa Tsushima and Miyabi Nashiba Explication of Motivational Mechanisms of Management Control Systems, Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior                  
              4:20 pm Mohd Fahmi Mohd Yusof and Roslina Mohammad Risk Management Framework: A Review for Boiler Operations in Malaysia                
              4.45 pm

Closing Ceremony

End of Conference

*NOTE: Presentation – 15 mins; Q&A – 5 mins. Titles are accurate as of the printing date.

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