Dr. Wan Normeza Binti Wan Zakaria Economics Education, Learning Strategies, Human Resource Development, Consumer Behaviour, Qualitative Research
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nik Hasnaa Bte Nik Mahmood Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Workplace Learning, Organizational Development and Change, Career Development, Staffing and Recruitment, Performance Management, Organizational/Managerial Communication
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maslin Binti Masrom Quantitative Analysis (using statistical package SPSS, AMOS), Decision Modeling, Management Information Systems, Knowledge Management, ICT Ethics
Dr. Nor Raihana Mohd Ali Taxation, Tax Compliance, Religiosity in Taxation, Zakat and Taxation
Dr. Rasheed Mohamed Kutty Political Science, Malaysian Politics, Global Issues, Ethnics Relation in Malaysia, Malaysia Culture, Public Admin Policies, Food Security
Dr. Nik Nadzirah Nik Mohamed Financial Accounting, Segmental Reporting, Entrepreneurship, Management