Research Grants

Vot Number Research Title Source Amount Year
R.K130000.7840.4F493 A Framework of Application-based Teaching and Learning in Engineering Technology in Malaysia FRGS RM 123,200  2014
R.K130000.7340.4B214 APEN-JAIF Multiversity Project JAIF RM 56,700  2016
Q.K130000.2640.12J91 New Academia Learning Innovation Practices at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia  GUP RM 20,000  2016
Q.K130000.3511.05G18 Fluid and Organic Entrepreneurship Curriculum TDR RM 40,000 2018
 Q.K130000.3556.05G31 Curriculum Delivery for Entrepreneurship Education  TDR RM 40,000 2018
Q.K130000.3556.05G19 Assessment and Evaluation in Entrepreneurship Curriculum  TDR RM 40,000 2018