Welcoming Remarks

Welcome to the 11th International Conference on Engineering Business and Management (ICEBM 2022) . On behalf of Meiji University, I would like to thank the ICEBM Committee for organizing the conference. It is a great honor for us to partner with UTM Razak School, one of the leading universities in Malaysia, implementing the Double Masters Program (DMP) and relevant events. Such partnership is less common in Japanese universities, particularly at the postgraduate level.

ICEBM marks the 11th anniversary this year. Taking this opportunity, let me express my sincere respect and gratitude to all faculty and administrative staff of both schools for their dedication and full support to our partnership from the very beginning of DMP to the present.

Experiences at ICEBM are exceptionally rewarding. Students will present their research to international audience and receive comments or suggestions, which inspire them to delve deeper into their work. No matter where we are from, we share the same spirit of research. In that spirit, we are engaged in our work from a global point of view to bring happiness to human kind. So, I truly expect that ICEBM 2022 will motivate students to learn more, gain fruitful results and step forward to future success.

I hear that ICEBM was originally proposed to build closer ties between UTM and Meiji. I earnestly agree with the idea and hope that the conference will continue to be held in years to come, enhancing its presence in Malaysia and Japan.

We, Graduate School of Business Administration, had been supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Fund and Meiji University Special Fund for participation in ICEBM 2022. However, those funds have been reducing year by year. Fortunately, Special President Fund gave us the courage to participate in ICEBM 2022. I aspire for our continuous participation in this conference and a field trip in Japan for UTM-DMP students. For that, I am strongly asking the top management of Meiji to understand its significance more deeply and offer assistance.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to reiterate our appreciation to all friends from UTM for their hard work and hospitality, and I can say for sure that history of ICEBM has been built upon your persistent effort.

Thank you.