Doctor of Software Engineering

Doctor of Software Engineering (DSE) is aimed at developing individuals who are able to conduct research at doctoral level by tackling real-life software problems and implement innovative solutions in which significantly contribute to the business performance of their companies.

Doctor of Software Engineering (DSE) is a mixed- mode doctoral program that embed the industrially-focused area into research with an aim of solving real-life-work-based problems. It combines research in software engineering which incorporates training in business with management skills into developing innovative solutions to technological products or processes.
The DSE graduates will have equivalent doctoral-level qualification with more industrially-based focused than the conventional Ph.D. Research which aimed in solving real problems related with software development are able to make decisions inclusive of technical knowledge, business management and opportunity and contribute to innovative solutions.

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At the end of the program students are able to:

  1. Demonstrate a systematic comprehension and in-depth understanding of software engineering and mastery of skills and research methods related to the field of software engineering.
  2. Critically analyse, evaluate and synthesis new and complex ideas.
  3. Generate, design, implement, and adopt the integral part of the research process based on the software engineering theoretical framework.
  4. Contribute to original research that broadens the boundary of knowledge through an in-depth thesis, which has been presented and defended according to international standards including writing in internationally refereed publications.
  5. Communicate with peers, scholarly communities and society at large through the preparation, publication and presentation of technical material.
  6. Promote technological, social and cultural progress in a knowledge-based society in both academic and professional contexts.
  7. Demonstrate behavior that is consistent with codes of professional ethics, legal requirements and responsibility.
  8. Manage research project.

The DSE programme consists of two components: taught-course modules and research project. The taught-course components covering topics to enhance candidates’ knowledge and skills in software engineering. While, the scope of research project on industry-focused applied-research project, guided by academic and industrial supervisors is aimed at solving real-life-workbased problems innovatively. There are 7 modules that has to be completed by the candidate with a total of 22 credits. Candidates must achieve a minimum CPA of 3.00 for the taught course modules. While the research projects contribute of 75credits. This makes a total of 97 credits for the completion of the study. At the end of the study, the candidate must submit a dissertation and undertake an oral examination (viva-voce). The minimum period of study for candidates is 3 years (6 semesters) and a maximum of 8 years (16 semesters).

List of Modules and Dissertation

EANP 1013 SE Research Methodology 3
EANP 1023 SE Research Paradigm 3
EANP 1033 SE Research Topic Seminar & Discourse 3
EANP 1184 DSE Research Proposal 4
EANP 1153 Advanced Software Design 3
EANP 1613 Advanced Software Testing 3
EANP 1643 Real time System 3
EANP 1663 Advanced Software Modeling 3
EANP 1623 Advanced Software Process Improvement 3
EANP 1693 Empirical Software Engineering 3
EANP 1703 Software Development Reference Framework 3
URSP 0013 Research Methodology 3



EANP 1180 Research DSE
EANP 1280 Research DSE
EANP 2180 Research DSE
EANP 2280 Research DSE
EANP 3180 Research DSE

All taught course modules are graded according to the UTM postgraduate Grading System. The candidate must maintain a minimum 3.00 CPA and a minimum grade of B- for each taught course module. For the research, the progress of the student is assessed each semester through a progress report. The student will be expected to present his/her proposal. The Doctor of Software Engineering degree is awarded based on a comprehensive examination (viva voce) of the dissertation submitted by the student at the end of study. All Doctor of Software Engineering research are supervised by academic staffs from the graduate facultry member.