Education I: (Session 1)
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Rolf Schaeren (FHNW) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Ha (BUH)
Assistant Chair: Ts Dr Habibah @ Norehan Haron
No Time Title and Author Name
  1400-1405 Introduction
1 1405-1415 Tan Luc Phan, Dong Phong Nguyen and Angelina Nhat Hanh Le
A Bibliometric Analysis of Human Resource Management in Higher Education Research
2 1415-1425 Ryan Glenn Narvasa
E-learning Readiness in Establishing an Institutional Instructional System: An Organizational Development Study
3 1425-1435 Beat Hulliger
Skills for Business Analytics and Academic Curricula
4 1435-1455 Ahmad Asmawi Abdul Samat
Overview of Malaysia eGovernment Online Services through Benchmarking
5 1445-1455 Shomitro Kumar Ghosh, Md. Toheen Bhuiyan, Md. Ismail Jabiullah and Raihan Chowdhury
On the Use of Virtual Reality-Based Engineering Education
  1455-15:00 Concluding Remarks


Social Media & Innovation (Session 2)
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Rolf Dornberger (FHNW) + Emeritus Prof. Dato Ir. Dr. Zainai Mohamed (UTM)
Assistant Chair: Assoc Prof Ts Dr Nor Zairah Ab Rahim 
No Time Title and Author Name
  1400-1405 Introduction
1 1405-1415 Kim Hoang Vo, Tri Le, Hieu Thao Nhan and Hong Ngoc Tran Le
Determinants of Online Engagement: The Case of Facebook Travel Fan Pages in Vietnam
2 1415-1425 Maslin Masrom and Puvanieshvaran Ampanathan
An Ethical Analysis of Fake-news Website –’ in Malaysia
3 1425-1435 Ahmad Huzaimi Abd Jamil and Mohamad Syazli Fathi
The Transformation of Construction Processes through Building Information Modeling-based Contractual Approach for Design-Build Construction Projects
4 1435-1445 Chiew Teng Ng, Siti Uzairiah Mohd Tobi and Mohamad Syazli Fathi
The Importance of Building Information Modeling for Construction Industry Stakeholders in Malaysia
5 1445-1455 Siti Sarah Azli Zuhairey, Hafiza Abas, Azizul Azizan and Noraimi Shafie
Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Oil Pipeline Condition
  1455-15:00 Concluding Remarks


Effects on Economy and Society (Session 3)
Session Chair: Prof. Andreas Reber (FHNW) + Dr. Tita Branzuela (SBU)
Assistant Chair: Ts Dr Ruzana Ishak
No Time Title and Author Name
  1530-1535 Introduction
1 1535-1545 Dinh Tien Minh and Le Thi Hue Linh
Factors Influencing the Decision of Applying to the High-Tech Transportation Companies: The Case of Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam
2 1545-1555 Nur Arzwin Mohamed Aris, Mohamad Syazli Fathi, Aizul Nahar Harun and Zainai Mohamed
Digital Transformation for Affordable Housing Development in Malaysia
3 1555-1605 Mathias Binswanger
Digital Transformation and Employment: Where Will New Jobs Be Created?
4 1605-1615 Ratna Permata Sari and Balqis Fallahnda
Cultural Transformation Through Digital Media: Reception Analysis Against Violence and Sexuality on Sasusaku Fanfiction
  1615-1625 Trang N. T. Pham
The Evaluation On The Ability To Achieve Efficiency: A Case Analysis Of Freight Forwarding Firms In Vietnam
5 1625-16:30 Abdul Rahman Hamdan, Mohamad Syazli Fathi and Zainai Mohamed
Gap Analysis on the Technology Transfer Process in the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Development Project
  16:30-16:35 Concluding Remarks


Education and Business Applications (Session 4)
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Beat Hulliger (FHNW) + Dr. Hanh (UEH)
Assistant Chair: Assoc Prof Ts Dr Maslin Masrom 
No Time Title and Author Name
  1530-1535 Introduction
1 1535-1545 Teresa Freiburghaus, Corinne Köpfli and Andreas Reber
Digital Transformation and Corporate Social Responsibility of Food Safety in Vietnam
2 1545-1555 Truong An Mai, Xuan Huong Ho and Angelina Nhat Hanh Le
Value Co-creation Experiences and Customer Satisfaction in e-Retailing Sectors: The Mediating Role of Participation Behaviors
3 1555-1605 Nurhidayah Abdullah and Hanira Hanafi
World of Digitalization from the Perspective of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Policies in Malaysia
4 1605-1615 Huong Xuan Ho and Phong Dong Nguyen
Virtual Reailing Environments: Presence, Value Experience, and Decision-Making Evaluation
5 1615-1625 Thi Thieu Dao Ha, Nguyen Minh Hai Tran and Hoang An Nguyen
Students’ Awareness of Cybercrimes in Viet Nam Banking Sector: The Evidence by Sem Analysis
6 1625-1635 Nur Lisa Zaharin, Sabariah Sharif and Muralindran Mariappan
Behaviourism Theory: Application into The Structure of Atom Chapter with the Use of Educational Robotics (ER)
  1635-16:40 Concluding Remarks


Oral Presentation Guidelines.
The total time allotted to each speaker is 10 minutes. You should plan to speak for 8 minutes and leave 2 minutes for questions