Japan Life

Japan Life
Traveling and living in Japan can be enlightening for many people. I have travelled and lived in quite a few places in Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Okayama, Hiroshima and many others since 1983.
I lived in Mizushima, Okayama during parts of 1983 to 1984 for training in automobile manufacturing. Fast forward 2009, I went to Kitakyushu for the APIEMS conference. And then 2010 to Tokyo for conference and research initiatives, and every year since 2011 for teaching and research in Meiji University, and in Spring of 2015 for my sabbatical in Meiji Univeersity.

There are too many good features that one can adopt such as cleanliness, punctuality, discipline, hardworking and industrious, friendly, helpful, and many more. If you have a good command of Japanese (Nihongo) that would be much better as you can enjoy going places, eating delicious Japanese food, and understand their culture and life better.


The constant deterioration of good practices will result in a decline in performance in politics, economics, social and also sports. Even though it sounds generalizing things, it is somewhat true. Having lived and grown up in few countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, United States, Japan and United Kingdom, I have seen and experienced how quality of life can be affected when various institutions and bodies or organizations do not possess noble values or civil (madani) values that are being upheld and practiced in the society. Importantly, these civil values many of which actually in line with Islamic values and practices should be protected, promoted, pursued and fight for if we really want to become a developed country.

I am scribbling this aimlessly, but I know that I want to see and experience a country which has the values when we are still a newly born nation during the early sixties. I know it is impossible but I dream of a civil Malaysia, insyaAllah when I am no more in this world probably.

khamis 10sep 2015