Policy Brief

Perdana Policy Brief No 1 January 2019: Education Minister New Year Message

In his first major policy announcement since Dr. Maszlee Malik was appointed as education minister last year, he said government schools and public universities should become institutions of choice, by injecting a more global approach of learning and doing away with exam-oriented curriculum.

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Perdana Policy Brief No 2 February 2019: Lynas Saga: Policy Based on Science or Politics?

It has been argued that science is not political. It implies that it does not belong exclusively to any political party. But science is always in the middle of controversies and the Lynas saga shows it all. Developing a public policy that deal with the people safety and well being issue requires more than science since science is not always black and white.

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Perdana Policy Brief No 3 March 2019: The Intent of Malaysia Defence White Paper 

The Defence White Paper project was initiated as part of the PH government pledge to be more transparent when conducting its domestic and foreign policy issues which include defence matters. The initiative when first announced by the Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu in August last year, raised eye brows since the concept of the white paper itself will entails a very comprehensive policy document which manifest the government’s vision for defence related matters.

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Perdana Policy Brief No 4 March 2019: National Community Policy

The National Community Policy is keen to mold a community that is more concerned towards social issues and creates a more prosperous life. Emphasizing on the aspects of value, way of life as well as the social aspects practiced by the urban community.

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