IEEE HAC Education Interactive Workshop

 Humanitarian Project Design to Serve Local Community
Using Advanced Technologies for Sustainable Development
IEEE Humanitarian Activity Committee (HAC)


Trainer: Prof. Dr. Shaikh Fattah, Education Activity Chair, IEEE HAC

Schedule and Venue: 26th July 2018, Thursday, 9:00 am-12:00 Noon

Faculty of Engineering, UNIMAS


If you want to serve your local community with the help of advanced technology, this workshop will be the best place to get the necessary interactive training. IEEE HAC Education Committee has designed the workshop to offer interactive learning on fundamental issues in dealing with humanitarian technology related projects targeting sustainable development goal(s). At the end of successfully participating this workshop, a participant will

  • know about various funding opportunities
  • be capable of writing quality project/event proposals on humanitarian technology projects with sustainable development goals
  • be able to efficiently manage existing/future humanitarian technology projects/events.

Projected impact on the target audience (workshop participants) is the encouragement for humanitarian activities along with necessary knowledge and training for implementing new projects involving humanitarian technology with sustainable development.

Workshop Schedule:

Total Duration: 3 Hours

  1. Background:

Part-01: Humanitarian technology (HT) and sustainable development (SD)

Part-02: Dealing with local needs and scope of community engagement

 Humanitarian Project Design:

Part-03: Key factors behind planning a quality humanitarian technology project/event

Part-05: Funding opportunities from IEEE HAC, IEEE SIGHT and IEEE PES for projects/events

Part-04: Examples of some relevant projects

III. Project Design Session:

Part-07: Interactive session to nurture the relevant project idea of the participants

Part-08: Final project proposals with future plan to be submitted by the participants on their own project and report collection


Brief Biography of Dr. Shaikh Fattah:

Shaikh Fattah received the Ph.D. degree in ECE from Concordia University, Canada in 2008. He was a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow and later visiting Research Associate in the Department of EE at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. He received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he is currently serving as a Professor in the Department of EEE. He is also serving as Director of Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering at BUET.

He was the winner of Concordia University’s the 2009 Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Prize in Engineering and Natural Sciences and was selected as one of the Great Grads of Concordia University in 2008-2009. During his Ph.D. program, he has received numerous awards, such as Concordia University Graduate Fellowship, Power Corporation of Canada Graduate Fellowship, a New Millennium Graduate Scholarship, Hydro Quebec Awards, International Tuition-fee Remission Award, and Doctoral Teaching Assistantship. He is a recipient of the Dr. Rashid Gold Medal for the best academic performance in M.Sc. He is the recipient of URSI Canadian Young Scientist Award 2007 and Bangladesh Academy Science-TWAS Young Scientists Prize 2014. He was the first prize winner in the SYTACOM Research Workshop in 2008. Recently, his papers received Best Paper Award in BE track of IEEE TENCON 2017, Malaysia and in BSP track of IEEE WIECON-ECE 2016, India and the Best Interactive Poster Session Award in ICIEV 2014. Many projects and theses under his supervision have been awarded prizes in Concordia University and BUET. He was a recipient of NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2008.

Dr. Fattah has published more than 180 international journal and conference papers. His research interests include the areas of biomedical engineering, power and energy, signal processing, biometric, multimedia communication, robotics and artificial intelligence. He served as technical chair, organizing chair, session chair, technical program committee members of different national and international conferences. He was the General Chair of 5th IEEE R10 HTC, Technical Program Chair of IEEE WIECON-ECE 2016 and 2017, MediTec 2016, IEEE ICIVPR 20017, ICAEE 2017, and ICREST 2018. He was awarded the Best Organizer Award 2011 from the Department of EEE, BUET. He delivered Keynote Talks at 7th ICGIP 2015 in Singapore, IWCI 2016, Dhaka, IEMIS 2018, Kolkata, India, I2CT 2018, Pune, India, Invited Talks at IEEE Region 10 Meeting, Malaysia, IEEE, TENCON 2017, Malaysia, IEEE IECBES 2016, Malaysia, IEEE R10 Technical Seminar 2016, Thailand, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2016, India,  IEEE R10 HTC 2015, Philippines, and IEEE R10 SYWC 2015, Sri Lanka. He was RESMIQ Invited Researcher at Concordia Univerasity during July-Aug. 2014, and offered Visiting Lecture at NUPT, Nanjing, China in July 2015 and Visiting Lecture in the Dept. of EEE, Univ of Saskatchewan, Canada in July 2016. He is the reviewer of different international and IEEE journals. He was the Editor (2013-2014) and now Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). He is a TC member of Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association. He is Associate Editor of two reputed international journals: IEEE Access and Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (Springer) and Editor of IEEE Power and Energy Society Enewsupdates.

Dr. Fattah has been contributing in several important research, projects and testing services in BUET. Some recent notable projects where he was involved are SCADA projects (installing, testing & commissioning of SCADA System in some power network in Bangladesh) and Power Plant Simulator projects (consultancy and training services). Currently he is the Coordinator of EEE-BRTC, BUET. Because of his initiation, BUET Robotics society was recently launched where there are more than 500 members. He served as Chief Faculty Advisor for several years in International Robotic Challenge (IRC). He is the member from Department of EEE in the Executive Committee that working for the establishment of BUET Robotic Center.

Dr. Fattah has been extensively involved with several projects related to humanitarian technology with sustainable development. He is the team lead in the project demystifying nuclear power (Source: IEEE Foundation). Humanitarian projects where he is currently involved are: Deep Lip Reading Using Spatio-temporal Image, Text to Braille Scanner: Low Power Refreshable Display, and Low Power: Very Large Audio Spectrum Viewer. During the last five years several quality humanitarian projects have been completed: Service to Autistic Children (Canvas-Live), Braille Printing Machine, Smart Rescue Robot, Aerial Landmine Detection, R3Diver, Health Monitoring Systems: Stetho-phone, Wrist-PPG-Card, Eye Vision Tester, Brain-Drive, Smart-Hat, Auto Injection, hearing Aids, Low-cost Spirometer, Smart Wheelchair, Robotic Arm: Risk prevention, Anti-Theft Sensor, Cyber-Vigilance System- Signal jammer, Vein Biometric by CNN, Touch Screen Writing Converter, and Smart Village. He is the main initiator of the International Humanitarian Technology Project Competition (IHTPC2017) which was organized in parallel to 5th IEEE R10-HTC 2017 with 100 participants and 4 0 project from 4 countrie.

Dr. Fattah was the Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section during 2015-16 and now serving as Nominations and Appointments Chair (2017-18). Previously he served as Vice-Chair and Secretary of the section. He is the Chair (2017-18) of IEEE EMBS Bangladesh Chapter and Founder Chair of IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter and IEEE SSIT Bangladesh Chapter. He is the founder Vice-Chair of IEEE IAS Bangladesh Chapter and IEEE SPS Bangladesh Chapter.

Dr. Fattah is the recipient of most prestigious 2016 IEEE MGA Achievement Award, 2017 IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Activity (HTA) Outstanding Volunteer Award and for his leadership Bangladesh Section received 2016 IEEE R10 HTA Outstanding Activities Award. He served as a member of three committees of IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific) in 2016 and 2017, and now also serving in three committees (Newsletter, Conferences & Technical Seminar, Humanitarian Technology). He worked as a member of Continuing Education Committee of IEEE Educational Activity Board (EAB) in 2017, Educational subcommittee of IEEE SIGHT in 2016. He has been serving as member of Long Range Planning Committee of IEEE PES and Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Technology Committee of IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT).  He is Education Chair of IEEE Humanitarian Activity Committee (HAC). He is the Senior Member of IEEE and Fellow of IEB.

Key Affiliations of Dr. Shaikh Fattah

Ph.D.(Concordia Univ, Canada), Postdoc (Princeton Univ, USA), SMIEEE, FIEB

Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and
Director of Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Chair, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Bangladesh Chapter
Founding Chair, IEEE Robotics & Automation Society Bangladesh Chapter
Founding Chair, IEEE Society on Social implications of Technology Chapter
Founding Vice-Chair, IEEE Industrial Application Society Bangladesh Chapter
Founding Vice-Chair, IEEE Signal Processing Society Bangladesh Chapter

Chair (2015 and 2016), IEEE Bangladesh Section
Nominations and Appointments Chair (2017), IEEE Bangladesh Section

Associate Editor, IEEE Access
Associate Editor, Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (Springer)
Editor, IEEE Power and Energy Society Enewsupdates
TC member of Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association

Education Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activity Committee (HAC)
Member, IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Long Range Planning Committee
Member (2017), IEEE Educational Activity Board (EAB) Continuing Education Committee
Member, IEEE SSIT Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Technology Committee
Member, Region 10 Subcommittees (Newsletter, Conference &TS, Awards)

General Chair, 5th IEEE R10 (Asia Pacific) Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10HTC) 2017
TPC Chairs: IEEE WIECON-ECE 2016, ‘17, ‘18, MediTec 2016, IEEE ICIVPR 2017, ICAEE 2017, ICREST 2019

Phone: +1 (609) 454-2505;  +1 8801937800854 (cell, whatsapp, viber)
Skype: shaikh.fattah