Work and Teaching Experience


Centre of Research for Fiqh, Science and Technology (CFiRST) 2014-now

Research Fellow (Law and Constitution)


Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, UTM 2011-now

Senior Lecturer (Law Subjects)

Lecturer of Business Law and Ethics (Master in Project Management)

Lecturer of Legal Aspects of Business (Master of Science (Engineering Management))

Lecturer of Seminar for Global Issues (for Post-graduate students)

Lecturer of Industrial Relations Law and Industrial Relations

Coordinator for University General Courses

Coordinator for Employability Improvement Programme

Coordinator for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Programme

Head of Event Management Unit for International Conference on Human Capital and                             Knowledge Management


K-Economy Research Alliance 2011-now

Researcher of Value, Culture and Ethics Research Group

Director of National Seminar on the Electoral Management in Malaysia


College of Science and Technology, UTM 1997-2007

Coordinator for Law Courses

Member of the Faculty Academic Committee

Member of Disciplinary Panel