Industrial design is the integration of aesthetics, technology, ergonomic and marketing – know- how into new products, in which needs of people are transformed into potentially commercially product.

The Industrial Design programme curriculum at UTM RAZAK School of Engineering & Advanced Technology as a whole can be regarded as one big creative-course, directed towards new products as commercially and business-oppournities. Through a series of design-projects, which is the core of the curriculum, the students get to go through a creative problem-solving design attitude. This inculcates the attitude that evokes interest in applicable know-how and skills. The curriculum is balanced in such away, that knowledge and skills learned through courses can almost immediately be applied in the product design project.

The industrial design is a three-year programme. There is a internship in the second year with company locally and planning abroad. The education model we apply at Industrial Design UTM RAZAK School of Engineering & Advanced Technology is unique in Malaysia. Student will work in a simulated professional design environment, where they work in group and individual. The students are also given related individual assignments. About 80% of the student’s time is spent on the core courses, about 20% on university compulsory courses in which students acquire basic knowledge and skills. The programme course consists of basic training and subsequently specialisation in different areas.

Students are thoroughly introduced to the design profession in the first year, so they will find out quite quickly whether they are suited to it or not. All students develop a digital portfolio detailing this kind of experience during the course of his or her studies showing what they have created or learnt. Students are graded on their portfolios and formal examinations. Successful completion of the programme in Industrial Design results in Bachelor of Science Industrial Design.